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Meet Cynthia

Cynthia s a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of  Vibrant Life Practice and Creative Solutions Counseling. With a passion for positive, attachment-based therapies, Cynthia skillfully guides individuals and couples to explore and heal deep-seated emotional wounds. Cynthia's empathetic approach acknowledges the impact of past hurts on present-day connections. By illuminating the hidden patterns and emotional blind spots that hinder relationships, Cynthia empowers individuals to release the grip of pain, mistrust, and disconnection. With unwavering hope and compassion, Cynthia supports her clients as they uncover their innate capacity for change, connection and compassion. By honing in on the strengths within each person, she helps spark transformative change, allowing individuals to reveal their authentic selves and foster more fulfilling relationships.

Cynthia lives with her family and two chihuahua dogs in Florida. 


Cynthia Rebholz LMFT

Cynthia's Experience

Given her systemic training Cynthia is skilled in understanding the dynamics of personal and business relationships. She has served as a clinical director for a social services agency and provided onsite education, training, and employee assistance for prominent companies. Cynthia has presented at conferences and trainings on various topics, including Medical Family Therapy, and has participated in published articles on couples, trauma, grief, and depression and anxiety. Cynthia founded a private practice in 2011.Cynthia has found her niche providing therapy to adults, professionals, and therapists. Cynthia holds a B.A. in Research Psychology and a M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, with coursework in family systems, supervision, teaching, medical family therapy, and hypnosis. She has participated in research grants and publications with professors and colleagues from the University of South Alabama and Nova Southeastern University.

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