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Grief Counseling in Florida & Maryland  Cynthia Rebholz, Therapist

Rebuild Your Life with Hope & Growth


 Find Your Path from Grief to Growth

Grief is more than just feeling sad. It can also bring feelings of guilt, wishing things were different, anger, and regret. These feelings can be very strong, numbing, or even feel like a roller coaster of emotion, which can be confusing. You are not alone if you are grieving over the loss of a loved one or the end of a long-term relationship. Regardless of what you’re facing right now, there’s help!

"It takes strength to make your way through grief, to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward" ~Patti Davis

Navigating Loss & Overwhelming Emotions Can Feel Lonely

We all face loss in life, but grief is also a unique and deeply personal journey. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, anguished, lost, even confused. Loss is painful, to cope with the pain, you may isolate, or need to blame someone because loss feels unjust; Let us help you undo your aloneness by sharing your grief with a trusted other.. As a licensed therapist specializing in grief counseling.  I understand the dilemma of grief in how missing someone can lead to pain and how avoiding the  pain of grief also leads to emptiness. The person you miss may have been the person, who comforted you. Together we'll work through the grief with empathy and proven techniques. If someone you love has died, or you have been betrayed in a relationship (Betrayal Trauma), or an important relationship has ended, your world can feel shattered. You can find yourself  engulfed in the chaos of loss. Overtime with therapy your wounds will heal and loving yourself will allow you to find your truth. I offer convenient online therapy to people living in Maryland and Florida (Parkland, Weston, Naples, & Fort Myers) to help find the way to healing.


Take the First Step Towards Moving Through Grief. 

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear" ~ C.S. Lewis

Grief can make you feel burdened with emptiness, angst, sorrow, deep sadness, shock, and anger. Remember that everyone's grief journey is unique. Therapy provides a safe space to explore these emotions without judgement, helping individuals process their loss at their own pace. Grief therapy can facilitate healing and empower individuals to move forward. No matter how helpless you feel, there’s always hope around you. If your grief isn't healing overtime, we know how to work with complicated grief and work through the beliefs that are barriers to healing.Our services guide you toward a healing journey so let’s find the way through the grief back to life.

Mend Your Heart  and Take Back Your Life

Grief and loss can shown up unexpectedly and feel like the grieving parts of you take up all the space in your life. Please know that there is more to you, resilient parts that want to surface and find purpose and happiness after loss.  Your heart can mend after facing heartbreak and loss. Grief is meant to be shared to be healed. therapy offers a safe and convenient place for your grief. Through online sessions, you can connect with a skilled therapist from the comfort of your own home. Online options provide flexible scheduling to suit your needs. We’ll work together to find solutions that work best for you.

Embark on a Transformative Healing Journey

Although Grief is a natural experience that arises due to loss, the loss of a loved one, divorce and even serious illness, grief often includes a myriad of emotions to your nervous system that can feel exhausting and immobilizing. Your thoughts and moods can shift very quickly where you sleep too much or feel irritable, even angry at yourself, the person you have lost, or even god. Healing from grief takes time. Our style of therapy is about building a trust and a supportive alliance and  move at your pace. 

Do You Feel Tired of Feeling Sad or Numb?

You are not alone in feeling the discomfort of loss. Sometimes people grieve for years without finding a way to heal. About 10% of people who have lost a loved one experience complicated grief that does not improve overtime. There are many types of grief from normal, anticipatory, delayed and more. Different types of grief stem from various events, such as unexpected or traumatic loss, Chronic illness, loss of a pet, being fired from a job, losing a friendship, even long distance moves create loss and uncertainty. How you  handle grief symptoms such as denial, depression, blame, and anger can make grief more prolonged.. If you are unsure about what type of grief you might be experiencing, and the best ways to heal grief, we can explore your grief find your reillency. 

You Are Worthy of  Getting Back to Life

Losing someone we care deeply about is incredibly painful, whether due to death, a relationship ending, or another reason. A big hurdle is returning to normal life without them. It’s important to find ways to cope with grief so you can continue to enjoy life’s journey.

Find Your Journey to Healing

Your journey is unique; our aim is to help you find purpose after loss. Remember, happiness doesn't require perfection – it's about embracing each step. You're not alone in this! We offer online therapy in all of Florida and Maryland including Howard and Montgomery County providing support and guidance as you navigate your life's path.

Grief Support at Your Fingertips

I'm happy to provide online therapy to anyone living in Maryland (Howard, Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg) and Florida Broward, Palm Beach and more.). I know life can get busy, so I offer therapy that fits right into your schedule. It's a stress-free way to start feeling better without the hassle of travelling or juggling appointments. Book your session today and begin healing.

Let’s Cultivate Gratitude.

At Vibrant Life Practice in Naples, Florida, we use a result-driven approach to tackle your problems and enlighten your path to a brighter future. Your journey of self-healing begins today!

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