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Anxiety Counseling in Florida And Maryland

Step into Your Best Life, with Our Assistance...


Move Towards Your Goal to Reduce & Manage Anxiety 

Life in the Sunshine State and the Old Line State can be a whirlwind, right? The work hustle can seep into the weekend, making packing for a fun beach day feel like another chore, or family activities just add more stress and frustration instead of fun and you keep worrying about work. Suddenly, nobody is talking to you because you're not really responding or you try to pack for everyone and dont ask for help. Inside you ask, "why is it always my job." You realize anxiety is sneaking up on you and you feel the tension in your neck and stomach. You're not alone, there is an epidemic of stress and anxiety in our fast paced world. If you're feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed about dating, work, your anxiety and want to learn how to honor yourself, your needs, reduce anxiety and live a more vital life, therapy can help you know yourself and reduce your angst and manage stress. The good news is that help is closer than you think. We are just a phone call away. 


 Managing Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

— Maya Angelou

If anxiety is casting a shadow over your life, don't let it hold you back. Easier said than done, right? That is why support is helpful, seeking help is a sign of strength and not weakness. With online therapy, getting the support you need is easier than ever as a licensed therapist specializing in anxiety therapy. I am here to shine the light on how you can move toward a calmer, happier you. That said, you need to move into the light for change to happen. In therapy we can discuss what holds you back to find the way through anxiety. Feeling stuck and procrastinating on tasks? Did you know that anxiety can cause you to procrastinate? Procrastination is really a defense blocking emotion you don't want to feel. I'll help you not only learn skills to reduce anxiety, but reduce panic attacks that sneak up on you in situations. We use Portrayals, EMDR, challenging negative beliefs and Somatic experience to managing your stress. Our therapy helps you get to the root of your fears, false beliefs and self criticism that increase fear and anxiety. If you are always seeking approval from others then to the point of putting them first and yourself last, your anxiety is getting in the way of your authenticity. I can help support your anxiety challenges, so let's navigate them with understanding and expertise. 

"usually it is through reflection that individuals who have not accepted themselves make the choice to stop listening to the negative voices within and outside of the self that constantly rejects and devalues them" Bells Hooks reminds us that parts of us can be self critical and derail our goals and confidence. I'll help you learn about "Shame Shadows" that try to protect, but actually only create more fear. Learn how to manage these negative voices in therapy with Cynthia. If you are located in Maryland or Florida, our practice offers online services in your area. 


Struggling to Stay Present or Feeling Overwhelmed?

Stress can weigh you down and make it harder to fully engage in life's important moments. This could be due to lower dopamine levels, which impact your brain's reward system. Many find themselves avoiding triggers like conversations or simple tasks leading to isolation and despair.

If any of this resonates with you, know that these experiences with anxiety can change overtime. You have the skills inside you, they are just buried by fear and stress. 


Transform Your Daily Experiences by Learning New Skills in Therapy Sessions

"You have the power over your mind not outside events, realize this and you will find strength" ~ Seneca

If you're feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, your journey with counseling can be incredibly rewarding. Together, we can work to transform your daily experience into a more positive and fulfilling one. I'm here to support you every step of the way as you find new strategies for coping and moving forward.


Online Therapy, Your Virtual Oasis 

You may have considered therapy before but found the logistics daunting. Let us come to you! Online therapy brings support to the comfort of your couch, hammock, office or wherever you feel comfortable. No need to brave traffic, get dressed up, we will meet you where you are. 

Therapy is a collaborative process. It's a safe space where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings. We'll work together to find solutions that work for you.


Your Confidence & Comfort Matters

Working with our practice in Maryland (Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County) or Florida (Broward, Collier, and Lee County). We want you to feel comfortable and confident. Your questions are important, so please don't hesitate to reach out. Your confidentiality is protected by zoom encryption in every counseling session. No matter where you are in Florida or Maryland, we provide services in your area. 


Moving forward at Your Pace

 We will support you at a pace that feels comfortable. Together, we will explore and process your fears and help you find peace and clarity.

Do You Think You Have Anxiety?

You are not alone. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans experience anxiety, which means there are roughly 40 million people who can relate to what you're going through. Risks for anxiety include stressful life events and having relatives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Different types of Anxiety can arise from stress and manifest in various ways, such as GAD, Phobias or Panic Attacks. If you're curious about what you might be experiencing, we can explore it together.


Take the First Step Towards a Finding Peace Within

If you are living in anywhere in Florida including Parkland, Weston, Naples, or Fort Myers. I'm thrilled to offer you online therapy services. If you are located anywhere in Maryland such as Oakland, Towson or Annapolis, don't hesitate to reach out and commit to learn healthy ways of coping with anxiety.


Find Grounding and Learn to Calm Amidst Stressful Situations

Anxiety often shows up during life's stressful moments, whether it's a major life event such as divorce, breakup, setbacks, illness, or loss of a loved one. It's important to find ways to manage and cope with anxiety so you can fully enjoy life's experiences.


You Are Worthy of Connection and Care

Remember, you don't have to conquer everything at once to be happy. Your life has a beautiful purpose, and you are not alone in this journey. If you are seeking support, I'm here to offer online therapy services in Howard and Montgomery County.

Flexible & Convenient Anxiety Treatment


I'm excited to offer online therapy services to people living in Maryland, no matter if you are located in Howard, Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg as well. Therapy needs to be accessible and comfortable, which is why I offer this flexible option. It's a convenient way to start feeling better without the hassle of travel or scheduling conflicts.


Let's Connect & Move Towards Your Peaceful Life 

At Vibrant Life Practice in Florida Naples, we use a result-driven approach to swiftly guide you toward a brighter future. Your journey out of hopelessness begins here! Let's talk and find a way out of the anxiety trap. Find us online in Florida and Maryland. 

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